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Nora Bell is an empath, a psychic like Sam and Andy. When she meets Dean Winchester during his time of dying, she understands another world beyond the veil. Unfortunately, Azazel has killed her family, leaving her with Sam and Dean to fulfill a destiny she never wanted, till God laughs. (Sam/OFC/little bit of Dean)(Episode: Bad Day At BR)

William Elliott Kern: Long story, the plot uncovered midway through the story. From beginning, the story was fast moving. Then dragged on for quite some time. The Author was good in describing her characters, their clothing, etc. but a lot of that disclosure distracted from the story moving fast.Not withstanding, the…

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Sakusaku kangen noushuku Cảnh báo: Hentai, shota, uke nữ tính quá thể, siêu tưởng – seme là “God” mới sợ chứ =))), 1 công 2 thụ, mpreg, giving birth cận cảnh -_-,…Thú tính và cực độc. Một em sinh đường hậu môn, 1 em sinh đường niệu đạo (không phải âm đạo nhá) OvO Và h đã có link dịch :3 Bé con mang thai[đã sửa link có thể xem được].  Ngoài ra, đây là CLIP MPREG SINH CON BẰNG NIỆU ĐẠO. Hiệu ứng hình ảnh âm thanh đầy đủ cho mấy thím tăng liên tưởng =)) link

Jimin believes that even if gets amnesia in his old age, he won’t ever forget the time they had Soyoon in this world. Yoongi once again cried as Taehyung had informed him. Jimin passed out due to anaesthesia. When he woke up, Yoongi was beside him, looking at him and brushing his hair. He greeted him with a smile and nodded in his way. He gushed about their daughter to Jimin and told him that he’s an incredible person, that Yoongi is so proud of him and that Yoongi will take care of them now. He will use his last breath to make sure they are happy, to make sure that Jimin knows what he’s worth to Yoongi. They had cried again while resting their forehead against each other. Yoongi repeated ‘I love yous’ in Jimin’s mouth.

Luca is the perfect alpha with just the right amount of flawed judgment to make him real and with loads of love and compassion to counteract it. Luca and his unerring desire to do what’s right is one of the drivers behind this book. Kit, what can I say about Kit? He’s strong yet fragile and perfectly adorable! His capacity to suffer for the welfare of others left me breathless at times. The supporting characters are also well developed, and I’d like to hear more from Luca’s sisters and his friend Sam.

To set the mood for the following points, let’s start with one reply to “Name your favourite thing about Omegaverse”, which covers most points that are going to prove to be a lot more controversial than a first glance might suggest:

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I just knew this book was going to be just, like the first two. But oh no. I get to 93% of the book and the tears kicked in. I hurt for Jax but most of all I loved his strength. Karter surprised me in the best way. Karter’s father upset me but the man redeemed himself in the best way. Wow! I love this series and I’m looking forward to the next book.

The universe in question is the Omegaverse, and it is the product of some very odd machinations in the world of fanfiction. Really, very odd. I know Frenchie has already mentioned this trope in her earlier post, but since we’re going full omegaverse here, I’ll start out with a bit of Omegaverse 101.

”I guess I finally fell alseep, because the next thing I knew, it was morning. I jumped out of bed and ran to my parents’ room, but she wasn’t there. So, I checked downstairs and I found Dad, but no Mom. He was sitting on the couch with his back to me, and I thought I heard him crying. I came up to him and he was. I asked him why, and then I asked where Mom was. He looked at me with such a heartbreaking look in his eyes,” began to tear up, ”and I knew the answer…before he told me…”

Interestingly, some of these tropes—like Cinderella moments—are also nearly equally liked and disliked by others: Cinderella moments also appear on the top ten “controversial” list. And while mpreg is widely disliked, pregnancy in general is met with a ¯_(ツ)_/¯—a highly suggestive difference. We’ve got a lot of theories on why, but they’ll need to wait; it deserves a lot more space than we can give it here.

Alex whimpered leaning down onto his arms, his ass felt like raw and torn. He started feeling it move on its own and then his stomach contracted again. He grunted and bore down hard feeling more pop out of him. “Please be almost over,” he begged. Another contraction, more pushing, and another pop.

Jamie and Jess walked to the bathroom. Jamie sat on the toilet. When a contraction came Jamie bore down. He did that for 15 seconds. He put his hand to see if he could feel the baby’s head but a contraction came.

Zade lives alone in the wilderness, protecting an endangered leopard species. A solitary existence is all the omega wants – until the leader of his pride visits to see what he’s been up to.When Evander arrives, Zade finds himself forgetting all about field biology. He’s more concerned with the al…

Matt Cullam is a journalist—one of the best. When his longtime friend Hillary, lately married into a billionaire family, invites him to her new countryside home for a mini-vacation, Matt accepts gladly.

Dean’s heart jumped and his stomach twisted when he began to see a brighter light start to release from him. Castiel’s hands finally made it out of the hunter and all of the angel’s stared in awe at the bright beacon of light that he held in his hands.

Mpreg part 1Being due with triplets had hardly stopped Bret, a local stripper, from working. His clientele had actually grown, men and women both apparently loving a very pregnant stripper work his magic. And the father of his unborn babies had been paying well, for he was the Chief detective in town.

“I dislike the whole concept of [A/B/O]. I mean, sure there are parallels to ways of life in the real world where there are alpha people who kind of have the power over others, but that’s because it’s in different cultures, not on a biological level. And my instinct tells me it’s so basically wrong that people/persons can be reduced to animalistic aspects like it’s drawn out in the omegaverse.” (Laura, female, straight, 18-25, Germany)

Adam nodded knowing the man was right, having to get them out by pushing hard as he could. The other man keeping his legs apart, Adam held onto the sheets that were beneath him so he have something to grab onto.

It was about three months after constant hidden meetings and exchange of small kisses, they decided to let everyone know. If it was in Yoongi’s hand, he wouldn’t even tell anyone, more so his friends. They were walking embarrassment. He doesn’t know how Jimin could only blush about it because Hoseok was his friend as well. But only Yoongi was embarrassed when they brought up the topic of marriage again and fought for best man’s post.