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He had tried to hide from his friends since his state had become obvious. He just wanted to feel comfortable about it, before telling it everybody. So he now was looking for some clothes in which he could present himself at a dinner to reveal his secret to them.

They both were going to be parents, soon. And Gojyo was anxious; he’d soon have a child to raise and care for. He was scared; of course he wouldn’t tell Hakkai that. Shaking his head, he looked down at the smoldering

Ciel woke said “SEBASTIAN! What are you doing on the floor? Are you ok?” Sebastian looked up panting heavily and said ” I honestly don’t know, young master. I’ve been having these really bad stomach pains since last night and they have been getting worse and…” Sebast

Professor Glich- a very human like alien who works as a professor at a detective school. He’s blond, has glasses, and is pretty pale. His species remembers every second of their lives from the moment they open their eyes. Because of this they can get very attached to things, and giving up a child is nearly impossible. Glich is typically a grumpy but energetic teacher who wants all his students to do well but not bug him too much. 

Not sure how to describe this book for me I enjoyed it and have now downloaded many books of the Wolf Shifters Series and found each and everyone full of surprises and never ending surprises. The writer gets you into the story line to the point you feel you are in the story and can live and the life of an observer and friend who keeping your fingers crossed for the best for both characters.

I always say it’s the class system based on biological characteristiques and knotting, though other nonnies have pointed out that knotting isn’t omnipresent in fic being written nowadays. Mpreg isn’t so much needed as the possibility of mpreg – and someone may write fic where alphas and omegas are biological dead ends and thus remove the possibility of mpreg and thus remove that possibility and I, personally, would still consider it a/b/o as long as they’d be a differentiated social group. The same rational goes for heats, as long as other biological markers are in place to account for the biological part of the genre. It’s the the articulation between those differences and the social [side] of things that is really the indispensable part.[7]

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Write it! lol I’ve actually read some that deal with packs, as a whole. So there were Alphas, who were stereotyped at being brutish bullies but were actually supposed to primarily protect and take care of their pack (sometimes by ordering them around for their own good) the Betas were caretakers, there to take care of the ALphas, and the Omegas, and other Betas, and the Omegas were the nesters and breeders, so a family/pack would have multiples of these, performing these tasks. I have read some where an Alpha/Omega fell in love with a Beta, and the Beta had to deal with (in the case of loving an Alpha) not being able to bear pups for the alpha or (in the case of an Omega) not able to please the Omega sexually (they couldn’t form a knot). If you read enough Omegaverse, there’s some real gems of world building out there. But yeah, there’s tons of A/O with dominate A. But I’ve read some where the Omegas were on top, keeping the Alphas as like, breeding animals or slaves. There’s SO MUCH out there! And the amazing part is Omegaverse is basically for Fanfic, By Fanfic Authors. There’s no other IP we’re completely ripping off, so everyone does it different, and it’s flippin magical <3 Again it hit him, making him moan and roll over, the pains were coming in shorter lapses and they were stronger now. "Ahh....nnng....GAHHHHHH!!!" he arched his back letting out a scream of agony feeling a growing pressure in his stomach and ass. Panting heavily, he was finding it harder to catch his breath in between the pains. Alex had to keep his voice down he didn't want anyone finding him in such a state but he wasn't sure if he was going to be able to do that. He scooted himself further onto the bed. Something was going to happen to him and wasn't exactly sure what it was. He groaned in pain but nodded and started to push again, his stomach painfully contracting to push his babies out. His mate took one of his hands in her own and he squeezed her hand as he bore down hard, groaning loudly while the egg pushed out a little further along with the baby's head crowning even more. He no longer wore his Asgardian clothes which were now in tatters since the doctors and nurses had to cut him out of them. He instead wore a generic hospital gown. Several bruises had formed all over Loki's body since Thor had last seen him. The doctors had also informed him that he did indeed have a fractured skull, two broken ribs and a few torn ligaments. Another respondent who pointed towards a certain ambiguity in their dislike for A/B/O is Abby (female, bisexual, 18-25, UK). She criticises “the societal sexism towards Omegas or the internalised sexism. Feels too much like homophobia and sexism rolled into one, which I just can’t stand.” Yet she continues: “It’s funny because I actually enjoy the societal sexism in PWP fics. Like, as a kink that is role-play or just PWP that you can interpret as role-play, I enjoy it (not the internalised homophobia/sexism though – like I mentioned earlier, it’s a complete no-no for me) but having an au where the society treats Omegas as second-class citizens feels too much like an interpretation of our current society and I read fanfic to escape it.” You were always a shy one. Especially when it came to Dean. But Sam had tried to make you talk to him, but you always ended up not saying anything or ending the conversation right away. But that didn't stop Dean from trying to start a conversation with yo "Do it," whispered Sam, nudging you towards his brother. You groaned and slapped him on the arm. You looked at the older Winchester and then quickly looked away. Dean was currently on the couch, looking through newspapers for the next hunt. In a world where magic and sorcery rules, Prince Park Chanyeol of Avalon Kingdom falls in love with the beautiful, fragile and timid boy named Baekhyun. Together, they will fight for their love and happiness. Will their love still blossom when Baekhyun's identical twin brother Baekho finally reveals the truth behind their parents death to Baekhyun? The 3rd book in the series continues to expand this interesting premise of a world populated only by men. All the characters from the previous books appear here to continue to flesh out their stories. I like the interaction between the 2 main characters. The omega is mute, the alpha a constable. Through a series of events they meet and realize they are meant to be together. Don’t like spoilers so none here. If you want to read a good love story try this one and the others in the series. “You don’t have to be so harsh hyung. I’m not going alone Manager Minsŏ will be with me too,” I say while hanging my head low. I know I’m klutzy and forgetful but I’m 24 now and capable of taking care of myself I think. Laurent got pregnant within their first year of marriage, and their first son was born in the spring. The celebrations lasted for weeks. Now in his early twenties, he’s incredibly smart and spends most of his time traveling and managing relations with other countries. He always makes time for his family, and makes sure to come home for holidays. He’s about to propose to his boyfriend in Patras.  Sam ground his teeth and felt his eyes sting both with anger at not being there and the idea that he was an uncle but he might not ever be able to see his niece or nephews, "Can I at least see Dean soon?" he asked. We have released both the official app for both Android and iOS. Please search for “FanFiction.Net” in the respective stores. The official app was first released on Google Play and we have just released a version for iOS devices. Please forward all feature requests and comments to dev@fictionpress.com. Yoongi and Jimin hardly fought. Yoongi couldn’t see his mate crying. It was like a stab to his heart when Jimin’s eyes would fill with tears and insecurities. So he never gave a reason for Jimin to cry. But they still had those married couple fights. Pay attention to me more, come to the home early, why was she getting all touchy with you, Yoongi? Are you doubting me? Pregnancy and childbirth is an experience like no other. In fact it is nothing short of a miracle. Thousands of babies are born every day but every experience is different. It is often portrayed as easy or taken for granted that it will all be plain sailing but as a mother myself I know this is not always the case. ok, got a chance to read it and it ticks/fixes everyone of the usual things that annoy me about AO fics. while i might not ship the pairing directly its not one of my notps. its as long as i usually like my fics and is very well written, thanks for the suggestion. I wrote one the other day! Honestly how problematic they are depends a lot on what parts of it you go with... Personally I like a lot of them. The gender =/= biology part actually appeals to me a lot since I'm trans. I can definitely see where people don't like it for fetishization and I agree that there are lots of fetishizing stories of it out there. Niso put his hands between Francis' legs, holding the baby's head now. "Keep pushing Francis." He urged him, looking into the murky water where the baby's head was. The water had gotten more pink from the birth fluids coming out."Push, Francis." He said, looking up at him now with a frown. "You're doing it." He said, reaching up and rubbing at Francis' contracting stomach, feeling the muscles stain under his touch. This would be one hell of a night. He held his breath as Akatora reached around him and made the hand seals to teleporting them all away, and the other two men made hand seals to follow. With Naruto making the first loud moan he would make that night, they were gone. Uhmmmm.... I just have one thing to ask..... and I know this might sound stupid or you might say I have not been reading/understanding it properly [but in truth I did read it many times over and over]...  Nếu ghét tôi như vậy/If you hate me/ 그렇게 내가 싫다면 (Việt – Hàn – Anh): Nói chung là chỉ nhắc đến có baby chứ k đẻ đái gì đâu, thỉnh anh em đừng kì vọng. Bản Hàn và Anh phải trả tiền ms đọc đc nhé. Bản Việt thì up trên fb nên đọc hơi lung tung @_@. 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