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this was a really good fic. It was enemies to friends to lovers and it was amazing. Both Harry and Draco get custody of teddy when andromeda dies. Harry, because Remus and tonks named him teddy’s godfather, and Draco got custody because andromeda wrote that Draco would be the guardian in her will. So now they have joint custody. They get under each other’s skin, they wanna kill each other, but gradually that fades and ugh I just love it so much

Jerry’s world descends into chaos; he’s rejected and beaten up by his, so called, fiancée for not being submissive enough and for being pregnant. He also has to tell Rex the truth, not just about the baby but about demons and his royal status as well.

Some of these results were expected: for example, fans who know what omegaverse is (and if you don’t, go read—we’ll wait) either love it or hate it in about equal measure. Dubcon—dubious consent in a sexual situation—we also get, and love potions pose some of the same problems in the murky realm of consent in the fanfiction world. Since we didn’t specify whether interspecies relationships meant bestiality or pairing up two sentient and intelligent species (think Amanda and Sarek, Mr. Spock’s Human and Vulcan parents, respectively), it makes sense that people would be split on the issue—some people assumed one meaning, some the other. And some people might not want to see the corruption of their favorite character into an awful person (unless they’re into the TV show Hannibal, where at least 90% of the fanfic seems to be about Will Graham being seduced into serial killing).

Bonnie knelt down and gently stroked the side of his withered face. ”My husband will fix you up, Dad.” he said. ”You’re going to be okay.” He looked up and called, ”Freddy! Freddy, I need help!”

To make it worse, and Lips did not know this; Zoot had been planning on proposing to him after all those years of happiness and love they spent together, and the arguing ruined that! Zoot became depressed because of this and thought he’d never see Lips again until Walter came along some time later.

They got married in Busan at a beach, as per Jimin’s shy wish he has asked Yoongi. It was a small celebration, just some very close family members and friends from work. Jimin looked so fucking beautiful in his tuxedo and Yoongi was almost in tears, knowing that he’ll get to spend time with this beautiful man.

Dionysus was too focused on trying to get the eggs out to care what Noir’s thoughts were and he bore down over and over, the eggs crowning and slipping inside. His passage was stretched and lubricated with the slimy goo and now the eggs were being pushed out further each time.

“The rape aspect of heat. I admit to reading those fics as well sometimes when the mood strikes, but only if its addressed as non-con. Putting a “biology” stamp on it and shrugging the rape away as “true love” gets too close to very real problems in our world and should not be idolized as such.” (missingnolovefic, female, queer, 18-25, Germany)

How would a man conceive and carry a child? How would he give birth? What is it about male pregnancy that is so intriguing? We don’t always have the answers, but visit the Mpreg Discussion board and add your own two cents!

Adam having felt the of fluids come out of him, he knew and felt the row of eggs coming down his birth canal to get pushed out into the open. The other man started to leave his side as Adam started to panic wondering where he was going. However before he could ask, he felt a egg starting to be pushed out.

So I’m reading a yaoi manga and there is a alpha/omega relationship and they already reproduced. But there was also an alpha/beta couple and I really wanted them to have kids but I just read that betas are more of the everyday person type so I just wanted to be sure but I kinda already know. Can male betas get pregnant?

Fertilization may take place in the pouch or in the water before implantation, but in either case, syngnathids’ male pregnancy ensures them complete confidence of paternity.[3] After implantation in or on the brood pouch or brood patch, the male incubates the eggs. Many species osmoregulate the brood pouch fluid to maintain proper pH for the developing embryos. In at least some species, the male also provisions his offspring with nutrients such as glucose and amino acids through the highly vascularized attachment sites in or on his body.

“It’s not-,” He starts and swallows a breath. “It’s not you,” He shakes his head no, wanting Yoongi to understand that Jimin didn’t want to hurt him, it wasn’t his intention to make Yoongi doubt his love for Jimin. “Yoongi-,” Jimin stutters and looks at his mate, fresh tears building up in his eyes.

Sam gasped when Gabriel appeared in the room and grabbed his shoulder before he could even speak. A moment later, they were in Bobby’s study where the elder hunter was talking on the phone with Garth. Bobby’s eyes widened, “Gotta’ go,” he said and hung up the phone before Garth could say another word.