“Mpreg Muerte De Un Why Do I Love You Mpreg”

After the Muppets split up, the Electric Mayhem tried to get gigs, which was pretty hard, and Lips decided to leave the band. Zoot, not wanting his lover to leave the band, which would render him single again, tried to talk Lips into staying, but this led to quite a few arguments and them breaking up. Zoot became really downhearted after Lips left and Floyd, Janice and Animal (This was before all the therapy stuff) assumed it was because they had become very close friends, but Dr. Teeth knew the truth.

Knowing what he needed to do, he gripped his knees and pulled them groaning in pain with a new contraction coming on. He bore down and put his chin onto his chest, teeth grinding to keep himself from screaming in pain. It hardly helped, and he yelled out anyway while he struggled to push.

I still remember the day Matt went off to be a soldier. It’s been a year since I saw my Mattie bear. In the past year, so much has happened… And it affects Matt so much… But I don’t think he’s talking to me anymore. I have written a million letters and he never replies… I wonder if he hates me. I don’t know if anyone will ever see this or if I will see my Mattie bear again… But I have to tell someone and this is the only way to.

Placing a hand over his gravid stomach, the merman continued to swim, his attention on his overdue stomach. He hadn’t realized just how big he was going to get, and at this late stage of pregnancy, he didn’t like feeling so heavy. It was worse when he was above the water, his body feeling all the more heavier as his gravid stomach weighed him down.

Maybe I’ll buy a pacifier and give him it in a box with a tag on it… Maybe… Or maybe a bottle…? Hmmm… This is harder than I thought… Maybe… Maybe I’ll do a whole thing; a diaper, a bottle, and a pacifier as well as booties… Yeah! That sounds good! Now to do it. I’ll tell you how it goes Juniper. I’m gonna name you Juniper. The one friend I can tell anything to.

    It all depends on the setting of the story and how cruel or nice the Alpha could be. The Omega may build a nest in a closet or small room to mate there. They may even mate in public places or in a car or something. It really all depends on what you are writing or where you are at in the story.

Đám cưới rắn (Hebi no Yomeiri): Yaoi, nhân-thú, huyền huyễn, ma quái, sinh tử. Bạn thụ lượn phượn ngoài đường thì gặp được một con rắn, ai dè người ta lại là long thần. Bạn bị ăn đến k còn 1 mảnh xương, còn phải nhọc công sinh cho long thần một đôi rắn bị father-complex. :v Chapter có baby là chap 6. Truyện chú trọng H, mấy yếu tố nội dung khác chỉ làm màu cho H thôi. [Link dự phòng]

Five boys all from different backgrounds, some with different dreams in the beginning, found their way to each other. They were put together by chance and started down a road filled with sweat and tears but it was a road that would change their lives forever. This is the story how these five boys became not just the internationally famous idol group ‘SHINee’ but how they became a family, ‘5HINee’.

Freddy X Bonnie (Anthro) (One Shot): What A NightBonnie tentatively sat at the foot of his bed, unknowing of what to busy himself with. The rabbit was getting weary and had no activity to busy himself with. He sighed to himself softly, kicking his feet up. What with the dull and uneventful happenings he hopped off his bed and stood, stretching his arms over his head, emitting a few soft, crackling noises from his sore bones.

The clock chimed musically at 6 a.m. Bonnie woke to the melodic dings, and he smiled because they reminded him of Freddy’s wonderful singing voice. He could feel his arms wrapped around him and he turned, careful not to wake him, and saw him, looking so peaceful, his breathing soft and rhythmic. Bonnie reached up to kiss him when he suddenly felt pain around his abdomen. He grabbed at it and took deep breaths, trying to stifle it. But it suddenly turned into nausea and he was on his feet and sprinting to the restrooms.

I awoke that morning feeling Braxton Hicks contractions in my belly but decided to just shrug it off for now. I was sure they’d stop once I had some food. I climbed out of bed as Brian continued to snore softly beside me and waddled to the bathroom to relieve myself. I was just getting ready to sit down so I could go when I felt a pop and water rushed down my legs soaking the bath mat.