“Mpreg Birth And Labor Scenarios Werewolf Au”

Luke Wyatt, handsome and wealthy suitcase entrepreneur and shifter, is about to close the deal of a lifetime. Travelling to Monaco to meet with the rich and famous, he finds himself rubbing shoulders with the perfect investors in an ideal setting. But before he knows it, things get dangerous. Very dangerous.

“No, you didn’t!” Jimin shakes his head no and looks up. Yoongi sees him all teary and snotty and red from crying. “Because you’re too busy thinking of having another baby!” He harshly says and looks away because he couldn’t see Yoongi looking at him intently.

I wish I had time to write an actual story with them but this is all I have time for at the momentthey’re beautifulthe daughter’s name is auraeliampregI guess?its an easy way to avoid the heir questionsjust go with itdamianos of akielosLaurent of veredaddy damenheadcannondaddy laurentcaprithe captive prince

this was a really good fic. It was enemies to friends to lovers and it was amazing. Both Harry and Draco get custody of teddy when andromeda dies. Harry, because Remus and tonks named him teddy’s godfather, and Draco got custody because andromeda wrote that Draco would be the guardian in her will. So now they have joint custody. They get under each other’s skin, they wanna kill each other, but gradually that fades and ugh I just love it so much

It’s an understatement when Jimin says that Yoongi spoiled Soyoon. He bought her things every day even when she was not able to play them. He dressed her in expensive dresses and held her every day to the point that she would cry when Yoongi is not holding her. She was familiarized with Yoongi’s hold.

This is a good transition to the fundamental question my participants debated, namely whether Omegaverse is sexist/homo-/transphobic, or actually subversive and an incredibly reflective commentary on society…

Trapped but Safe Birth (Mpreg)I was trapped. The two teenagers stood by side me and then made way for the third. They weren’t respectful at all. They all thought I was nothing but trash. Well sometimes I do think that. I got rejected for becoming pregnant with my boyfriend. Even more stupid, I’m a male. I’m a male and I’m pregnant. I dropped out of school for this reason and now I’m trapped. These completely strange teenagers thought it was funny to see a male being pregnant. I’ve seen others but it’s very rare.

I really like how the story starts off and that Rian and Taryn’s situations are gradually introduced. However, their problems seem easily resolved not so soon after the fact. Talk about winning the luck lottery! Honestly, I was surprised that Rian’s infertility issue was not made into a bigger deal than what it was. Especially with the Pack Wars going on, getting married and procreation is a must in their society. Therefore, one would think that there would be some conflict at least between the parents (matchmaking) and the Council (pushes for births to build their Alpha Guard), but sadly no. I do wish that the author went into more detail about the Pack Wars and how they select their Council. I can only assume I will get the answers I need in the next book.

Why did Jason GO BACK to the house after he killed that guy? Oh yes, I’m being chased by men who want to take me back to the place I hate the most. Let me just go back to the place where I KNOW they know I’ve lived to pack up the car. Brilliant.

    First, at birth, the doctors will announce the gender(male or female). In some verses, you can pay to a test done to determine whether the baby is an Alpha, Beta, or Omega. In others, you just have to wait until they are about 12-24 years old to find this out. So in a way, you have two genders. The male/female gender and the Alpha,Beta,Omega gender.

Whatever may have been netizens reaction during their engagement, when their wedding photo somehow leaked out, they had good comments and blessing, especially Jimin, looking ethereal and dreamy. Yoongi agreed because Jimin definitely feels like a dream that he would never wake up from.