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I’m scared. No, terrified. The thought of giving birth to my second child terrifies me to death. My first pregnancy, I was a typical parent to be I suppose you can say. Excited to finally be able to have a family of your own. Preparing for everything, having a midwife check how I were doing.. all of that was normal.

Seeing the fluids, Niso got onto his knees and helped Francis onto his hands and knees, rubbing at his lower back after. “Breathe Francis.” He mumbled, glancing at the other babies a moment before turning his attention back on Francis. “Just push like before.” Niso said softly, leaning down and kissing his head lightly while he massaged Francis’ back. Francis nodded shakily. He followed Niso’s gaze and stared at the two slumbering babies but his heart was hollow and he felt oddly detached. Confused, he lowered his eyes and tried to concentrate on the birth instead. “Hhhnngg..!” Francis bore down on instinct, pushing and straining against the pressure inside him while he held his breath. He could feel how his loose hole opened up even more to receive the large baby as it forced its way through him, pulverizing his pelvis muscles. Howling in pain, Francis thrust his hips with a sharp jerk and raised his ass higher in the air. Straining hard, he dropped his forehead to rest against his forearms, grunting terribly as the baby slid deeper down his rectum. The level of pain he was enduring defied the normal limits of what a human body was meant to withstand.

Just like fanfiction is where mpreg stories started, it has spread to mpreg novels  on Kindle. On Kindle, there are a lot of authors who produce longer fictions for their audience of readers. Mpreg is also not the same for each story. You need to read each one to find out the differences on the basic theme of gay love and male pregnancy.

Q gets kidnapped. His kidnappers weren’t so considerate as to let him take his suppressants so he goes into heat. To make matters worse his complete f**kwit of a boss sends a f**king Alpha to rescue him.

Heard is the third book in A.M. Arthur’s enjoyable omegaverse series Breaking Free. While the first two books are more directly linked as they follow brothers Braun and Kell, along with Kell’s trial for murdering his alpha, this one brings in a side character in Karter. We met Karter in the first books as a constable on the edges of the case against Kell. He starts off the series very conservative and with very clear ideas about omega roles, but being part of tha …more

His stomach twisted when he thought of what he was going to say. If he was being honest with himself he still didn’t know exactly what he would be saying once his idol, his coach, his lover arrived. He felt like he was going to be sick, but he did what he could to steel himself away for what was coming. He couldn’t this, not for long. And he didn’t know what to do and

But he’s has been persistent with the new baby topic. He always gives subtle hints like, “Soyoon would love to have someone play with her,” or, “Imagine buying these matching clothes for our babies,” or, “She’s so smart, she would be able to take care of her sibling.” Jimin had only smiled but felt insecure and sad. He doesn’t know if he wants to go through those insecurities again and damage his body to the point Yoongi wouldn’t love him.

They play heavily on the “love from hate” trope, which I actually do enjoy, but tend to use the biological angle to completely skip over the character developments in favor of sex, which leaves the audience (aka me) completely removed from any emotional impact, because I can’t emotionally follow the character’s leap.

“Don’t stop pushing!” Joel said impatiently as the egg started to crown. He rubbed the man’s belly as it tightened and contracted to push the big egg out and he felt something move down in the belly. He knew that this meant another egg was getting ready to be birthed even though this one wasn’t out yet.

Alex whimpered leaning down onto his arms, his ass felt like raw and torn. He started feeling it move on its own and then his stomach contracted again. He grunted and bore down hard feeling more pop out of him. “Please be almost over,” he begged. Another contraction, more pushing, and another pop.

A Second Chance at an Extraordinary Love—and Lust… When Chad Stone and Josh Bennett last crossed paths, both had been on the fast track to fame. Josh — Chad’s best friend Ashley’s scorching hot older brother — was on his way to football stardom, while Chad was…

Then, there was the incident with Wayne and Wanda when they caught the two holding hands. They said that it is American for a man and woman to love each other, not two men to love each other, and if that wasn’t bad enough, they threatened to tell Sam the Eagle! Zoot made a somewhat snappy comeback involving that it was a free country and he could love whoever he wanted, man or woman. They responded by saying she’ll tell Kermit, which made Lips extremely upset till he was close to tears. After the duo walked away, Zoot decided to tell Dr. Teeth what had happened and man, was he ticked! Not at Zoot and Lips for not telling him about their relationship, but at Wayne and Wanda!

Shinozaki Rei – Camp Mission Ch. 1-6 [Eng] – CÁI BỘ KHẮM BỰA NHẤT MÀ TÔI TỪNG THẤY… Thôi để nguyên thể loại = tiếng Anh cho các chế tự dịch bởi vì t k dám dịch 😥 – amputee, anal birth, autofellatio, bbw, big penis, birth, body modification, crossdressing, dick growth, futanari, impregnation, multiple breasts, multiple penises, pregnant, rimjob, scat, schoolgirl uniform, shemale, urethra insertion.

Was the author ever gonna tell us what Jason’s power is? Don’t hint at something for that long and don’t reveal it to your readers. What are you waiting for? Book 2? Where the main character will obviously be Abel? What is the big freaking deal about Jason other than his spring horniness? I’m pissed. I sat through 200something pages and I still don’t fugging know.

Is Kit really the cause of Luca’s newfound power, the true mate he needs? How is it possible when the young man isn’t even a werewolf, and as merely a human, a mating is not only forbidden, but for Kit, a sentence of death? (WARNING -Contains MPreg)

“I tried really hard to like it, but I want to read about human beings — we are ruled by our minds mostly and as such, Omegaverse fics just are not relate-able in any sense for me. There’s a lot of lazy writing that goes on in it as well, not helped by the fact that since most everyone is written as an animal who cannot control their desires, the smut takes precedence over the actual writing.” (Dan, male, 25-30, Philippines)

”You’re just starting to crown! Open your legs! You’re going to suffocate the baby as it comes! I need you to push for me! We need to get this baby out of you at once Young Master!” Sebastian bites back,Angry that Ciel is being so hard headed.